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Take a listen to samples of pieces in the Central Battery portfolio.

Lessons Learned: Download

A piece with multiple movements, as well as a bit of a story weaving through it. Feel free to add whatever story you like.

The Spider's Parlor: Download

I'm calling this style Orchestralectro, as it combines elements of orchestral soundtrack, electronic music, and industrial. All samples are Public Domain.

Window Chicken: Download

Something is hiding in the dark, and it’s going to eat your face. Better run.

The Union of Four Elements: Download

A musical character study of a group known as "The Four Elements". Written for an in-progress novel.

The Final Cut Theme: Download

Music for an on-line movie review show, or maybe for some adventure movie starring a guy named “Pennsylvania Smith.” The “Final Cut” theme has also been reinterpreted as a Big Band oldie, and as an 8-Bit chiptune.  It was originally a rock tune.

Mental Incisions: Download

More Orchestralectro, with another variety of Public Domain samples.

City Theme: Download

You walk into the bar and order a tankard of mead, and have the strangest feeling that you’re going to be sent on some kind of quest...

Into the Basement: Download

Ambient horror. Why do they always go into the basement? Nothing good will come of it.

The Stupid Hunter: Download

An orchestral theme written to establish a hunter who’s none-too-bright. Think Elmer Fudd and you’re close.

The Road to Lisdoonvarna: Download

A dramatic orchestral arrangement of a traditional celtic tune.

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